Ask yourself - What can I do to help others?

Ask yourself - What can I do to help others?

Join the movement of community,  kindness and giving.       

Give 50 items/minutes/donations to anyone in need.   


Join the movement of community,  kindness and giving.       

Give 50 items/minutes/donations to anyone in need.   

What is the "What's Your 50?" Movement?

Kindness & Giving in increments of 50


What's Your 50? 

My name is Kristen and in January 2019, I decided that I wanted to give 50 items to 12 different charities.  I reached out to my friends and family to ask for their help.   Before I knew it, over 30 different donation drives were rolled out and a movement began to take shape.  I've named it the   "What's Your 50?" movement.  

I have been AMAZED and OVERWHELMED by the creative ideas and projects folks have come up with.   50 thank you letters have been written to our active military and Veterans, 50 cookies were made for nurses at a local hospital, 50 pairs of socks have been collected and given to those less fortunate.     No project is too big or too small.  

Can you please help me?  What can YOU do to share kindness and giving to the world around you.   There are so many who  would love your help.   What can YOU do to help your neighbor, your community, an organization, the oceans or our Earth in an increment of 50?  It can be 50 ANYTHING!


Please share your success with us on our FB page @Whatsyour50donation or Instagram Whats.Your.50   

Quick Overview


Give it to those who need it.

It's that EASY!!

Recent What's Your 50's

Dog pull toys


Our swim team took a break from practicing to make dog pull-toys for the local shelter.  We used strips of old t-shirts and fleece.   It was so much fun teaching the boys how to braid!  

                     Ashton Swim team 

Sanitary Products and Bras


 Women shouldn't have to choose between their next meal and sanitary products.  Or be without a well fitting bra.  Growing up with three sisters and having two daughters of my own, I wanted to help women who couldn't afford these crucial items, so I sent an email to all of my girlfriends and received lots of donations for an organization called I Support the Girls.  

Melanie                   Olney, MD 

soccer Balls

Look at this beautiful little girl!  She lives in Guatemala and her house was destroyed by a volcano

Look at how happy she is! This little girl's home was destroyed in Guatemala when a volcano erupted.   A crew of volunteers flew down to rebuild her home AND delivered one of the 50 soccer balls that I donated.           

Turgut                       Salon Suna  

Children's Inn at NIH - toys


There is a mailbox for each child staying at Children's Inn, so we filled 50 little bags full of toys to be discovered by these young patients.   This amazing place provides temporary housing for families whose children are participating in pediatric research for serious or life threatening illness at NIH.   

Robin                 Sandy  Spring, MD 

Inspirational Quotes

My 9 year old daughter made 50 inspirational quotes to be displayed and taken at a local restaurant.

My 9 year old daughter created 50 cards to be displayed and taken at a local restaurant encouraging kindness and giving. 

Dr. Bear's Closet

For my 50th Birthday present, my mom collected 50 toys for Children's National, Dr. Bear's Closet.

For My 50th Birthday present, my mom gave 50 small toys to the Dr. Bear's Closet at Children's National.  They play games of BINGO and these are the prizes. 

 Betsy                 Silver Spring, MD 

More 50's recently completed


Sports equipment

 Wow! We collected an incredible 219 baseball items for Home Run Hopefuls!!!! 92 balls, 24 bats,12 gloves, 19 hats, 12 pairs of pants, 12 pairs of cleats/sneakers, 10 baseball bags, catchers gear, helmets, shirts, socks, coaching tools, pitch counters, and more!! To make it even more impressive- this was only from 8 families!!!

Inspirational quotes

Snack Bags and Hygiene Kits

Inspired by Whatsyour50, Liv, my teenage daughter and her rockstar friends put together 50 hygiene kits and 72 decorated snack bags for homeless youth served by the Latin American Youth Center in Washington DC.

Bake food with friends.

Casseroles for a Cause

We had so much FUN with our friends making 50 casseroles for Shepherd's Table in conjunction with Silver Spring Cares.  Most of the casseroles will be served at the shelter, but some will be delivered during home visits by social workers.    

Success Stories


Derek's Hugs

Since joining the What's Your 50 movement, I’ve tried to look for charities that mean something to me.  This one immediately came to mind! Derek’s Hugs is a charity that was formed by Michele Graffis, a much-loved, now retired teacher. She & her family formed Derek’s Hugs in honor of her son, Derek, who passed away in Dec 2010 at the age of 21 after a 2 1/2 year battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Derek wished for a warm, comfy blanket when he was at CHOP as a patient, so he decided to start collecting them for others. His family has continued his vision and have distributed 3,000 blankets in the past 8 years! I Blankets must be new and can range from baby blankets to twin bed size.

Knitted Hearts

Knitted Hearts for The Peyton Heart Project

I made over 100 hearts, using yarn given to me by my grandmother, for The Peyton Heart Project that hopes to help end suicide, bullying and the stigma surrounding mental health.


Greater DC Diaper Bank

I had no idea that the Greater DC Diaper Bank was so close to my home AND they have volunteer opportunities to count out and wrap bundles of diapers.  They also need baby food, formula, car seats and many other baby related items.  

Success Stories

SOCKS to a Men's Shelter

Socks are the most needed but least donated item at homeless shelters.  I decided to collect 50 pairs.  I felt vulnerable when posting my request on FB, but received 344 pairs!  I was amazed at the outpouring of generosity.                                              Gary        Silver Spring, MD

Dog Shelter supplies

I adopted my two dogs from a shelter.  They often take in strays that need surgery.  By providing them 50 donations such as gift cards, dog food, blankets, beds, collars, bowls, treats, we were giving the shelter the support that they desperately needed.  AND perhaps got a few dogs adopted in the process!  

Ellen      Ellicott City 

Peanut Butter

Food banks LOVE peanut butter because it has a long shelf life & provides a lot of protein.  My three kids (9, 5 and 4) joined the What's Your 50 movement to collect 50 jars of PB.  I was expecting to make a run to the store in fear that they wouldn't reach their goal.  They surprised me when we received 102 donations of peanut butter!!  

Ami             Ashton, MD

Your 50 can be ANYTHING

50 - Knock it out quickly


Make 50 cookies for nurses

Make 50 bags of trail mix for a food bank

Make 50 dog treats for a shelter

50 pairs of socks for a men's shelter

50 used books to a nursing home

50 pencils and pens to a school

Donate 50 slices of pizza to a VA hospital

50 - So Doable


50 boxes of diapers to a diaper bank

50 boxes of sanitary products

50 cases of batteries

50 coats

50 stuffed animals

50 backpacks

50 books

50 - Challenge Yourself


50 new items for a playground

50 pints of blood

50 bicycles 

50 washing machines

50 musical instruments

50 days of volunteering 

50 casseroles