Ask yourself - What can I do to help?

Ask yourself - What can I do to help?

Join the movement of community,  kindness & giving.  Give 50 items or minutes  to help anyone or anything in need.   


Join the movement of community,  kindness & giving.  Give 50 items or minutes  to help anyone or anything in need.   

What is the "What's Your 50?" Movement?

Kindness & Giving in increments of 50


I'm so glad you're here!    In January of 2019 I came up with a special way to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I asked my friends and family to help me spread love and kindness throughout our world in increments of 50.   We researched and sometimes stumbled upon amazing  charities, organizations, causes or people that could really use some help. 

We started off by collecting socks, bras, toys and stuffed animals for various shelters and local non-profits.   Then we began to write letters to veterans and giving women access to mammograms and birth control.   Before we knew it, 50's were being rolled out in several states and 1,000's of donations were being collected.    A movement was beginning to take shape and I often found myself saying to friends wanting to start their own 50 drive,  "Great! What's Your 50?!"   We are now officially calling this the #Whatsyour50 movement.     

Can you please help the movement grow?   We'd really love for you to get involved.  It's easy, it's fun and it is SO rewarding.  It can be something you do with your kids, neighbors or co-workers.   We are here to help you with suggestions, support and guidance.   

Interested!?  Great!  So, what can YOU do to help our world in an increment of 50?    What can YOU do to help your neighbor, your community, an organization,  or our Earth?   What can you protect?  How can you change something for the better?  Be the voice that says "Let's help this cause!".  It can be 50 ANYTHING!  


Please share your success with us on our FB page @Whatsyour50donation, make sure to use the hashtag: #whatsyour50; post on Instagram Whats.Your.50 or email us your ideas, questions or successes to

Thank you for showing kindness and love.  

Kristen Weinberg


Quick Overview


Give it to those who need it.

It's that EASY!!

Kindness around the World

Alex Weinberg age 5

Where We have helped:

Maryland, Virginia, Washington D. C.,                    

New York, New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii

North Carolina, South Carolina and Michigan

Nicaragua, Guatemala, India, Nepal

Art by Alex Weinberg Age 5

Check out these AMAZING 50's!




My daughter started this movement, so on her 50th Birthday, my birthday  present to her was 50 toys, barbies, cars, coloring books and markers for Dr. Bear's Closet at Children's National in Washington D.C.  We found out that the children play games of BINGO from their hospital beds and if they win, they get to pick a prize from Dr. Bear's Closet.   They also have a live feed to a Safari in Africa and get to learn about the animals with the tour guide!  What an amazing day.  

Betsy                 Silver Spring, MD 

Sanitary Products and bras



To help Kristen's birthday project, I thought about the basic needs of women.  Growing up with three sisters and having two daughters of my own,   I know how important sanitary products and bras are.  Women who can't afford them shouldn't have to choose between their next meal and these essential items.  So I sent an email to all of my girlfriends and received over 52 boxes of sanitary products and over 85 new and gently used bras for a local organization called  "I Support the Girls".  

Melanie                   Olney, MD 

TOYS FOR KIDS in Nicaragua


I wanted to join my sister Kristy's movement, but wasn't sure what I could do .   Then I went on  a vacation in Nicaragua and saw this group of children  kicking around a ball.  I went over to join them only to discover that they didn't have a real soccer ball, just a dried up piece of fruit and no other toys to entertain them.   So I took 2 $50 bills  and purchased balls, jump ropes and other toys for the kids in this village.  

Josh       Oahu, Hawaii 



Did you know that SOCKS are the most needed but least donated item at homeless shelters!?  I didn't either!!  I love fun socks, so I decided to collect 50 pairs.  I felt vulnerable when posting my request on FB, but received 344 pairs!  I was amazed at the outpouring of generosity.                                              Gary        Silver Spring, MD  



For Kristy's 50th birthday present/project, I donated $50 to a few different Native American Indian reservations.  They desperately need money for water and other basic necessities.  

Duncan                          Silver Spring, MD 

Seat belt cutters


Our community was devastated when a young boy in our neighborhood died due to a seat belt entanglement.  So Michelle wanted to do something to honor the young man, but also help prevent future tragedies.  So, she collected close to 250 seat belt cutters for Safe Kids Montgomery County to hand out at a big car seat event.           Silver Spring, MD 

50 Soccer Balls delivered around the World

Nepal and India


My longtime friend and hairdresser, Turgut, wanted to get involved in the movement, but wasn't sure what he should donate.   I suggested he donate something he loves.  Something that makes him happy.  He loves soccer, but wasn't sure who would want 50 soccer balls.  So, we asked social media and within seconds we received MANY suggestions.  We went with Provide Inc.  who sends out every day heroes to help those in need around the world.  They were thrilled!  They deflate the balls, stuff them into suitcases with a pump and deliver them to children around the world.  A majority of them were delivered to children in three schools in Nepal and India.   While the first one was delivered to Guatemala. 



Look at this little girl's SMILE!!  Her home in Guatemala had recently been destroyed by a Volcano.  The family lost everything, including their father who abandoned them after the disaster.  A Michigan crew of heroes, connected with Provide Inc., flew down to rebuild her house.   They tucked one of our soccer balls in a suitcase.

I will never forget this little girl's face.    I can't believe a simple gesture of donating 50 soccer balls while I was getting my haircut could make such a huge impact for so many children around the world.  It was SO easy but has forever changed me and my desire to do more.     Kristen Weinberg 

Laundry Tabs


We collected laundry soap for a crisis center.  One of the residents was so happy to see that we were bringing them name-brand soap!   He was so excited to know that his clothes were going to be soft and smell good.  One tub can do at least 70 loads!!     

Mike           Columbia, MD 

letters to our military and Veterans


I asked the community to help write letters to our active military and veterans.  It was wonderful to watch the grown-ups and children sitting down together to write heart warming letters.      We mailed the letters to Operation Gratitude and they distribute them.             

  Jennifer                  Charlotte, NC 



I am a potter, but some of my work has small imperfections so I didn't feel comfortable selling it.  Instead, I donated over 50 of my plates, bowls and coffee mugs  to an organization that helps move the homeless into their first home.           Kathy                 Olney, MD 

Stuffed Animals


I work in a low-income area elementary school.  Someone was kind enough to donate 50 small stuffed animals so that we could hand them out to the Kindergarten students.  We named all of  them Percy to teach the children to be Persistent.  

  Becca                 Wheaton, MD



I am a professional artist who decided to donate works of art to those living in a shelter. I asked my fellow artists to donate some of their works as well.  We held an art show for the residents to enjoy and then each shelter resident took back a piece for their rooms.  Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless.    

Paulina        Silver Spring, MD 

Elmer's Glue


I knew I wanted to help a local shelter that takes in families.  So I called and asked what types of items they would like for us to collect.  I was amazed that they wanted gallons of glue!   They explained to me that the kids wanted to make SLIME....JUST like my kids!                         

Karen         Columbia, MD

Dog pull toys


Our swim team took a break from practicing to make dog pull-toys for the local shelter.  We used strips of old t-shirts and fleece.   It was so much fun teaching the boys how to braid!  

                     Ashton Swim team 




Our Mah Jongg group found out that a Domestic Violence Shelter in D.C. was going to host an October BBQ for the resident moms & their children.  They wanted the kids to have an art project, so  we thought "How about PUMPKINS"!? With stickers & markers they  were each able to decorate an un-carved pumpkin and keep it as a Halloween decoration. 

Corina, Sharon, Julie, Millie & Melanie

toys for children in hosptial



I collected 313 items for the children at Goryeb Children's Hospital.    We collected everything from nail polish to toy cars, gift cards, dolls and many other great toys for the hospital's treasure chest.  

Tanya    New Jersey

bags of goodies for kids in the hospital


There is a mailbox for each child staying at Children's Inn at NIH, so we filled 50 little bags full of toys to be discovered by these young patients.   This amazing place provides temporary housing for families whose children are participating in pediatric research for serious or life threatening illness at NIH.   

Robin                 Sandy  Spring, MD 

Inspirational Quotes

My 9 year old daughter made 50 inspirational quotes to be displayed and taken at a local restaurant.

My 9 year old daughter created 50 cards to be displayed and taken at a local restaurant encouraging kindness and giving. 

Ami       Ashton, MD

Random Acts of Kindness


Tedd said "we have enough negative people in this world, it's time to swing the pendulum the right way."  So he dedicated a week to 50 random acts of kindness.  

Tedd      Ashton, MD 

Art for Shelter Residents

What's Your 50 art show

 This might be the most rewarding art show of 2019.  A local artist, Pauline Rakis, liked the idea of GIVING 50.  She knew that art can make such a big impact in someone's life and home.   So she reached out to 15 local artists, collected over 147 pieces of original art and pottery and held two art shows for the residents of 2 shelters in Bethesda and Gaithersburg, MD.   

The shelter residents were so humbled and happy by the invitation to attend an art exhibit held in an empty retail space in downtown Bethesda.    They were each encouraged to pick a piece of pottery as well as a painting to take home with them.  We were hoping they would find a piece that spoke to them.   And boy, did the art speak to them!

One man  was  immediately drawn to a painting of the Washington Monument.   I'll never forget his enormous smile and giddy excitement when he explained to me why it spoke to him.  Not only was he patriotic because he'd been in the military, but he  enjoys visits with his daughter who works in D.C.  They love to walk around the monuments as often as possible.  So, he couldn't wait to give her the painting as a present to let her know how much he loves her and cherishes their walks.  

An older African American woman had hardly stepped in to the art exhibit when she spotted the painting of a field of purple iris.   She turned to me and said that her mom and aunt really loved the color purple.  And her dad would always were something purple to church on Sundays.  She said the color reminds her of FREEDOM.  

Just when I thought there couldn't be any more connections to the art, a very young woman approached me with the painting of a field and farm.   She said that it reminded her of her childhood home in Wisconsin that she left just two years ago.   She raced up to her shelter apartment to hang it on her wall, take a picture of it with her phone and and come back to show me.   She was glowing with happiness.   

The pottery was also a huge hit, not only because it was beautifully hand crafted, but it provided a much needed new  bowl, plate or coffee mug.

Pauline Rakis         Silver Spring,  MD 


elementary School books


Well that was easy!!  Just donated 50+ books to an elementary school near by.   This movement keeps me thinking of how to help others!!

Therese     Highland, Maryland 

towels and FLat sheets


I drooped off over 50 bath towels and flat sheets to an emergency shelter in Restson, VA.  What a great journey of giving.  It was so easy to give!   BTW, the shelter is in need of  men's flip flops - so I'm on to my next journey!!

Lauren      Reston, VA 

Baby Books


Did you know that studies show that a baby in the NICU that is read to progresses faster than those who aren't?   That's why I decided to collect 50 baby books for the local hospital's NICU.

Rachel    South Carolina  

youth Golf CLubs


I've always had a passion for golf and it feels right for me to get behind a cause like First Tee of the Triangle. Thanks to friends and family, I was able to collect 50 junior golf sets. 

Eddie     Raleigh, NC 

Lipstick and Mascara


Putting on make-up can change your whole mindset.  I gave women of a domestic violence shelter in D.C. two baskets FILLED with mascara, lipstick, blush and shadow.  

Lissa        Sandy Spring, MD 

REward - Found Dog

When we found a Lost Dog, we didn't expect a $50 Reward, so we gave it to a dog shelter.  Kristi  MD

When we found a LOST DOG we didn't expect a $50 REWARD.   We decided to donate the money to our local dog shelter to help more dogs in need. It felt so good to help so many dogs.   

Kristi         Brookeville, MD 



My sister and I LOVE shoes!  So we decided to collect new and gently used shoes from our neighbors and friends.  We delivered them to Interfaith Clothing Center.  Residents of Mo Co can shop for FREE with dignity.  

Louise and Joan         Silver Spring, MD 

Collected money for Animal Shelter at a BBQ



My friends and I were having a BBQ.  I was in charge of cooking the burgers and dogs.  I took the opportunity to collect money for an animal shelter down the street.        

Rob   Brooklyn, NY  

Snack Bags for 1st week of school


My son and his 8th grade friends put together 50 bags of snacks for the kids living in a shelter in Washington D.C. with the hopes that they  "Have Fun at School!"     Lissa      Sandy Spring, MD   

letter necklace


I was inspired to help the What's Your 50 movement so I just donated 50 Teething Bling necklaces that my company makes.    I gave them to The Tree house Child Advocacy Center in Rockville, MD.

Amy                                 Highlands, MD  



Did you know that a baby goes thru approximately 50 diapers every month?!  So I decided to collect boxes of diapers for the Greater DC Diaper Bank.

Amy          Ashton, MD 

Toys for Zoo Animals


I was teaching my Kindergarten Class about animals at the zoo.  We decided to collect and donate 50 toys for the animals at our local zoo.

Robin        Richmond, VA 

Crossword books, colored pencils & chapstick


I collected 50 coloring/crossword books, chapstick, tissues and colored pencils for the residents of the local assisted living facility.  My sons and I visited each resident to deliver their care package.  The residents were SO incredibly happy to have visitors and receive care packages.  I'll never forget the experience and the people we met. 

Melissa             Silver Spring, MD 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches


After school our kids brought their friends over and we made over 50 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a local food bank.

Kristen    Silver Spring, MD  

50 People Sign a Petition


I asked 50 people to sign a petition asking our government to have stricter gun control.  

Kristen      Silver Spring, MD 

Hurricane Relief Supplies

Hurricane Relief

 Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas.  Everything was destroyed and the residents needed so much.  I wanted to help, so I found out that my county's police stations were holding a collection drive.  I couldn't believe that in less than 2 weeks I collected 125 items from neighbors and friends.  Items included tarps, diapers, formula, wipes, soup and toilet paper.  Such an easy way to help.  

Anne Potomac, MD  

Dog Shelter Supplies



I adopted my two dogs from a shelter.  They often take in strays that need surgery.  By providing them 50 donations such as gift cards, dog food, blankets, beds, collars, bowls, treats, we were giving the shelter the support that they desperately needed.  AND perhaps got a few dogs adopted in the process!  

Ellen      Ellicott City 

Peanut Butter



hat's Your 50 movement to collect 50 jars of PB.  I was expecting to make a run to the store in fear that they wouldn't reach their goal.  They surprised me when we received 102 donations of peanut butter!!  

Ami             Ashton, MD

Professional Clothing


I delivered a truck full of professional clothing to A Wider Circle.  They not only allow you to shop for your business outfit, but you can keep it for FREE!  

Sherri                           Olney, MD 

Horse Farm donations and money


For my 50th birthday I asked everyone to donate to Synchrony Farm because they offer riding lessons for children with special needs.  I couldn't believe the outpouring of support I received!  I was able to raise over $800!!  All I had to do was ASK.  

Julie                                      Michigan  

Birth Control in 3rd world countries


Did you know that for ONLY $15.00 you can provide birth control to a woman in a 3rd world country for an ENTIRE YEAR?!  I asked 50 friends to help me donate $15 each.  

Kelly                    Sandy Spring, MD 

School Supplies


So many children need school supplies to get a complete education.  So I am collecting everything from pencils, pens, crayons, paper, notebooks and binders to underprivileged kids in my community.

Katie             North Carolina 

Blankets for Derek's Hugs


 Since joining the What's Your 50 movement, I’ve tried to look for charities that mean something to me.  This one immediately came to mind! Derek’s Hugs is a charity that was formed by Michele Graffis, a much-loved, now retired teacher. She & her family formed Derek’s Hugs in honor of her son, Derek, who passed away in Dec 2010 at the age of 21 after a 2 1/2 year battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Derek wished for a warm, comfy blanket when he was at CHOP as a patient, so he decided to start collecting them for others. His family has continued his vision and have distributed 3,000 blankets in the past 8 years! I Blankets must be new and can range from baby blankets to twin bed size. 

knitted hearts - Peyton Heart Project


I used the yarn that my grandma had, yarn that I had inherited 5 years ago.  These little hearts with little notes attached are scattered around communities to help end suicide and bullying. 

Ilse     Silver Spring, MD 



 My elementary school staff and parents helped me collect over 50 purses for a mentoring program.  This program helps women get back on their feet.       

Andrea         Rockville, MD 

Coats, Hats and Gloves


It was a brutal winter here in Washington DC, so I asked all of my friends and family to donate new and gently used winter coats, hats and gloves.  We distributed them to homeless men and women.  

Sherifa       Olney, MD 

Sanck Bags and Hygiene Kits


 Inspired by Whatsyour50, Liv, my teenage daughter and her rockstar friends put together 50 hygiene kits and 72 decorated snack bags for homeless youth served by the Latin American Youth Center in Washington DC. 

Kim     Darnestown,  MD

new stuffed animals


Mary and Mary Claire are both in 8th grade, but have never met.  Mary wanted to collect 300 new stuffed animals for the Mo Co Family Justice Center because they give a stuffed animal to every child that comes in.  MaryClaire heard about Mary's goal and decided to help.  

Mary and MaryClaire   Sandy Spring, MD



 We had so much FUN with our friends making 50 casseroles for Shepherd's Table in conjunction with Silver Spring Cares.  Most of the casseroles will be served at the shelter, but some will be delivered during home visits by social workers.     

Angela     Silver Spring, MD

Baseball Gear


We collected baseballs, bags, catchers gear, helmets, shirts, socks, coaching tools, pitch counters, and more!! To make it even more impressive- this was only from 8 families!!! 

Tanya         New Jersey

pillows, pull ups, lotion, paint sets and laundry tabs


This has been one of the coolest challenges I've ever done.  Thanks to my friends and family, I was able to deliver enough Tide Pods for 720 loads of laundry, along with lotion, paint sets, pillows and pull ups.  We had the privilege of meeting both residents and volunteers/employees who expressed their sincerest thanks.  I wish you could've seen their smiles!!

Mike                   Columbia, MD   

Support a friend with Leukemia


I wanted to help my friend and his family while he was undergoing treatment for Leukemia.  I asked my community to send me cards, notes, joke books and prayers to share with the family.  It really cheered them up!!

Kristen                   Silver Spring, MD 

walkers, canes, crossword puzzles and Lotion for Residents of an Assisted living facility


When Cherie of Oahu, Hawaii, heard about this movement she immediately jumped on board!  She collected walkers, canes, crossword puzzles, lotion and more for a local Assisted Living Facility. 

Cherie               Hawaii  

balls, jump ropes, chalk and more for Kids


Thousands of kids in the Washington DC area can't afford camp or a membership to a pool, so we collected and donated toys.  They received jump ropes, balls, sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, color books and more!

Alicia                        Sandy Spring, MD 

Chemo Care Kits


I collected head covers and socks for chemo care kits.  So far we have 26 cozy socks, 7 head wraps, as well as other goodies like Queasy Drops, cooling towels and a Pashmina wrap.

 Tanya                             New Jersey  

tissue packets for a funeral


I delivered 50 little packets of tissues, lip balm, mints, cough drops and encouraging words for a Gifts of Grace memorial luncheon in honor of a young woman who was a victim of sex trafficking and murder. 

Lori                              Michigan 



I have a large t-shirt collection and I love Ocean City.  So, I decided to combine my two loves and donate 50 of my t-shirts to a shelter in Ocean City.  

Mr. Rakis                 Silver Spring, MD 

Homemade Dog Treats


Benjamin and Caroline pulled out the mixing bowl and made homemade dog treats for a local dog shelter.  

Ashton, MD 

Shelter supplies


My office coworkers help me collect much needed supplies like lotion, shampoo, razors, toothbrushes and food for a local shelter.  

Kris         Rockville, MD 

Birthday Cakes


I gathered friends together and we made 50 birthday cakes!  We had so much cooking and decorating cakes for a charity called Birthday Cakes 4 Free that delivers cakes to underprivileged children.  

Kristen           Silver Spring, MD

Gently used school supplies


 As the school year winds down, I encouraged parents and kids to consider donating any unused, or gently used, school supplies to the MCPS 20th Annual Drive for Supplies. As a Guidance Counselor I have worked with many students over the years who have benefited from these donations. 

Sue                            Olney, MD 

Dog food


 I love when things come full circle. My dear friend Kristen is turning 50 & has pledged to collect 50 items each month this year to donate to organizations in need. She is the reason we have our dog Basker. Sending me his picture from #Kninerescue over a year ago and the rest shall we say is history. Please help me help her and the animals! I’m collecting blankets, sheets, towels, chew toys, bones, Kongs, you pick! Used blankets and towels work too! Hoping to get 50 items THIS MONTH to bring to Knine Rescue Inc. 

Sherrri           Olney, MD 



Our 5th grade students created more than 50 inspirational place mats for Meals on Wheels recipients in the Wheaton area.  

Kristi              Wheaton, MD 



Sue was turning 50, so she asked everyone to please donate new or gently used blankets for a shelter in Washington, D.C.  The shelter was so incredibly appreciative.  

Sue    Rockville, MD 

Shelter Bundles


Alex's Tri-M Music Honor Society at Central Middle School helped gather deodorants, brushes, toothpaste, snacks and more for blanket bundles.  They dropped them off at a shelter in Annapolis, MD.

Alex                                                     Bowie, MD  



I donated 50 VERY SPECIAL dolls to the MD Multicultural Youth Center.  As a child, my dad had his Embassy Row customers bring me a doll from their native country for my collection.  I grew up around these beautiful faces & clothing knowing how big & diverse the world was. Now children at the MMYC will enjoy these dolls as well.

Amy                              Gaithersburg, MD

Organ donation registration


My goal was to get 50 people to sign up to be an organ donor and/or a living transplant donor.   I also asked people to consider signing up to donate your entire body to science which serves 44 states in the U.S.  

Jennifer      North Carolina 

College tuition


My son's friend unexpectedly lost one of her parents just before graduating High School.  It was too late to request financial aid, but she really wanted  to start college, just like everyone else.  I asked for donations on her behalf.  I raised $1,660 and she started her Freshman year as scheduled!!

Janice           Cary, NC

moving refugees into an apartment


I gave 50 plus minutes of time to help KindWorks set up an apartment for an Afghan family of 5 (with one on the way!) arriving to the U.S.  It was not only heartwarming, but it was creative and fun!  I felt like I was on a decorating game show.   All of the household items including couches, beds, art, toiletries and food were all donated.     

Kristen        Silver Spring, MD 

toothbrushes and Toothpaste


My best friend collected the toothpaste and I collected the toothbrushes.  Together we made over 60 dental kits for the women at a shelter on Gude Drive.   This movement made me open my eyes, step out of my norm and do something for others in need.  

Myanni            Silver Spring, MD 

lemonade stand money


Jules, Ruby and Ash had a neighborhood lemonade stand to raise money for Safe Kids Montgomery County.  They raised over $62.00!!

Way to go kids!!  

Ruby, Ashton and Jules       Silver Spring, MD 

Snacks for the parents of children in the hospital


Ronald McDonald House eases the hardship of children's illness on families.  I wanted to help those parents who often put their own needs last.  I provided 50 snack bags full of pretzels, apple sauce and other goodies for the parents running back and forth to the hospital.

Debi       Clarksburg, MD  

cleaning product kits


My family has been helping men transition out of homelessness for years.  But I was SO surprised by the answer the Director of the Mo Co Coalition for the Homeless suggested when I asked what would be a "good 50" to collect.  She suggested cleaning  kits for those transitioning into county owned homes!  Survival is obviously important, but so too is the dignity of the people trying to find their way.   They, like anyone, would like for things to stay clean.  

Pam                     Sandy Spring, MD 



I wanted to thank all of the nurses in the cancer ward for taking such great care of my brother, so I made them cookies. 

Colleen                  Highlands, MD 

canned foods


Our Girl Scout Troop collected canned foods.  We got more than 50 items for Olney Help which happens to coincide with their 50th year in service! 

Carole       Olney, MD 

school uniforms and supplies


We purchased school uniforms and school supplies for the homeless children in our community.   There are an estimated 5,000 students across Charlotte Meckenburg schools who are considered homeless.  A Child's Place is a non-profit that helps the children receive the supplies and uniforms they need to start the school year feeling confident and feeling like they can conquer the world.  

Jen                                           Charlotte  

replace electronic devices and luggage


I took a different approach for my 50.  I asked for donations to help my dear friend whose entire family's luggage, souvenirs & electronic devices were stolen while they were on vacation.  Thanks to the donations I received, they were able to replace all of the tablets.  Not only do these children need these devices to help with their disabilities, but these donations also helped them renew their faith in humanity.  

Jen        North Carolina 

teen books


I collected almost 200 teen books for Comfort Cases, an organization that fills back packs with essentials for kids transitioning into a new foster home.  They want each child to have a book in the hopes of encouraging them to read and continue their education.

Judith               Brookeville, MD 

volunteer for United Way


A few evenings a month  I am a Volunteer Career Coach for the United Way.  I've helped over 50 unemployed & under-employed people find jobs thru counseling them on their resumes, their job search and interview skills.  It has been a hugely rewarding experience for them and me.  My work with The United Way truly helps me feel like I'm giving back.  Interested?  They welcome ANY volunteers!!

Laurie          Bloomfield



I collected and donated to Eva's Closet with my best girl, my daughter Marissa.  We are helping the homeless of Southwest Florida receive clothes that we no longer want, but that are still perfectly wearable. 

Jen             Florida 

Toys/Sleeping bags/books


My sweet friend takes in children from the foster care system.  I wanted to help her, so I joined the movement to collect 50 items for her home.  We were able to give her sleeping bags, stuffed animals, coloring books, movie tickets and much more.  

Mary       Gaithersburg, MD 

Birthday in a bag


Everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday - so I helped those in need have a happy birthday!  I put together  Birthday Party Bags that contained cake mix, icing, birthday plates, napkins, candles, tablecloths, decorations and/or disposable cake pans to make Birthday in a Bags to distribute to area organizations.  🎉🎁🎂🎈🎉🎁🎂🎈 

Tanya          New Jersey



I asked for participation by clicking on and providing free mammograms to women in need. You awesome human beings so FAR surpassed my goal of 50 that I lost count after 110. As a survivor I was particularly touched by everyone's contributions, so THANK YOU! 

Jennifer             North Carolina

Mens business clothes


 I collected a total of 224 articles of men’s business clothing to donate to Interfaith Works Clothing Center this week. Thank you to all who donated and to Kristen Lang Weinberg for starting the “What’s Your 50?” movement! 

Renee       Clovery, MD 

K - 12 Books


 What an extraordinary day today! With the help of Whatsyour50 and the generosity of our neighbors, we were able to just about FILL the #BrotherswithBooks donation box at the Sandy Spring Museum this afternoon! Thanks to all those who donated new and gently-used K-12 books for this great organization 

Julia Taglierre    Ashton, MD 

supplies in lieu of gifts


My 12 year old daughter collected donations in lieu of birthday gifts for Heartly House, a facility that assists women & children escaping abusive homes.  She collected clorox wipes, detergent, umbrellas, hats, gloves, food, gift certificates, hair care items and baby clothes.  About $250 worth of products!

Mary                                   Gaithersburg, MD