Ask yourself - What can I do to help?

Here's How You can Start Your 50:


Decide on your what your 50 will be.

So, you're inspired by this movement and you want to help?!  YAY!  This is SO exciting!  Now it's time to decided what or who are you going to help.  Maybe you even team up with friends to make, create, send or donate items.   Remember, it can be ANYTHING.  The point is to have FUN doing it.   You can even give 50 minutes of your time!  If you want to help an organization or charity, give them a call.  Ask them "What do you need?  I'd like to help you by giving 50 items."  Some charities have suggested multiple items and that's OK too!  It doesn't have to be just one item.  


Ask for help, if you need it. And Posting Tips.

This is where you might want to share your idea with others by posting on FaceBook, Instagram,  or email your family and friends.

HASHTAGS:  Make sure to include #Whatsyour50 when you post, so that we all know about it.  

Tagging a Group/Charity/Hospital:  If you want to tag an organization, look them up on FaceBook so that you can find their @.  It should be on their main page to the left.    Then include that in your post so that it tags them.  For example:  @Whatsyour50donation  When you hit Enter, Whats Your 50 is now highlighted.  


Complete your 50

This is the FUN part!  Share, Share, Share your success!!     We  really want to know about your idea, your story and your progress.  Take pictures.   Even if you can't reach your goal of 50, we will still be thrilled because you did SOMETHING to help our world.

How YOU can ASK for help:


Hey Friends! / For my Birthday / In Honor of / team

What have YOU done lately to help others? I have joined the #Whatsyour50 that is encouraging everyone to GIVE back in increments of 50.  Can you please help me reach my goal of .....?  

An Event / Take Action / time / project

I am inspired by the "What's Your 50?" movement, so I will be hosting a blood drive at the local Red Cross on Tuesday from 5 - 7 PM.  My goal is to collect 50 pints.  Can you please stop by to give blood?  The Red Cross will be so grateful you did.   

Your 50 can be ANYTHING

50 - Knock it out quickly


Make 50 cookies for nurses

Make 50 bags of trail mix for a food bank

Make 50 dog treats for a shelter

50 pairs of socks for a men's shelter

50 used books to a nursing home

50 pencils and pens to a school

Donate 50 slices of pizza to a VA hospital

50 - So Doable


50 boxes of diapers to a diaper bank

50 boxes of sanitary products

50 cases of batteries

50 coats

50 stuffed animals

50 backpacks

50 books

50 - Challenge Yourself


50 new items for a playground

50 pints of blood

50 bicycles 

50 washing machines

50 musical instruments

50 days of volunteering 

50 casseroles 


contact information:

I Support The Girls   Sanitary Pads & new/gently used Bras

Children's Inn at NIH   Toys for children undergoing research studies

Children's National Dr. Bear's Closet  BINGO prizes for children to win

Mo. Co. Coalition for the Homeless - cleaning supplies for their transition out of homelessness

Nourish Now    peanut butter and PB&J sandwiches 

Silver Spring Cares  casseroles for Shepherd's Table

Local Shelters - Socks, blankets, sheets, pillows, diapers, toothbrushes, toothpaste

My Sister's Place   lipstick & mascara, snack bags, pumpkins 

Indian Reservations - monetary donations 

Derek's Hugs - blankets for children in the hospital

Safe Kids Worldwide   seat belt cutters

Operation Gratitude  write letters to our active military and Veterans

Brothers with Books @BrothersWbooks  -    Fighting for equity, enhancing access, and inspiring kids to read!